The simpsons story


It all be gone  sometime ago when Marge was all alone with her mum, dad and her 2 sisters. One day she went out when she was on her way home she  met a handsome man with brown hair. This man name was Homer.Marge asked homer to go on a date with her Homer said yes Marge was proud. Marge went out with homer and they got married and  had 3 children who are here.  marge and homer love each other but now homer has nohair and marge has

curly hair. But that doesn’t matter they still love each other. Magi ,Lisa and Bart all  love the ichy and scratchy show and they are always are  getting ideas. Magi sometimes does them on her dad with is funny by the way  this is a  fiction story you know. I hope you like reading this story please leave a comment. thank you!!!!!!


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