Year 5 Day 1

Welcome to Year 5 Bader Cohort 2018!

Miss Weir and Mr Campbell are both delighted to be teaching you for the coming year. We are hoping to make every opportunity to use your Chromebooks to help you learn and we hope you will use the Bader Blog whenever you can.

Year 5 Day 1:

We’ve had an excellent start to the year with an assembly from Mr Feasey who outlined how important respect is for all Bader pupils. In Year 5, we want to encourage all children to respect themselves, one another, and the environment.

In literacy, we looked at calligrams. This type of poetry really challenged the class’ ideas on what poetry really is. Here are three laminated examples of some Year 5 student calligrams.

blog post 1

In the afternoon, we focused on developing our growth mindsets when learning. We want to be resilient and collaborative learners who love making mistakes, because that is the best way of learning something new. We have spent the afternoon creating mindset posters, so look forward to seeing those on Thursday.


This part of the blog is an opportunity to think about today’s learning and how you could improve tomorrow.

  1. What is different about calligrams compared to other types of poetry?
  2. What strategies do you use at home to help you learn?

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