Skiing Day 3

We have absolutely loved our last day on the slopes today. The children have made good progress as they have ventured further and further up the nursery slope. There are videos of everyone on Twitter (@mrmarchayes) and hopefully they should have all copied over. Please let us know if anyone has been missed and we… More Skiing Day 3

Skiing Day 2

We’ve had a superb first day on the slopes and have been blessed with good conditions. It has been really cold but blue skies and no wind, and all of the children have been well insulated with their many layers. Good news for tomorrow as the forecast is sunny skies all day. All children have… More Skiing Day 2

Skiing Day 1

We have had a very long and exciting day, which children are describing as “the best day EVER!”. Children were wonderfully behaved throughout the journey and took good responsibility for themselves and each other. There was huge excitement and wonder when traveling through the beautiful Cairngorms National Park, with many children wishing to alight the… More Skiing Day 1

Trip to Vindolanda

As part of children’s learning in history and in Latin, they visited the fantastic Vindolanda Museum and Roman Army Museum, in Northumberland.  We learned lots about life in the Roman Army, and at the edge of the empire.  Here are some photos from the day, plus some videos of Tierman, Annalise and Matthew explaining the different… More Trip to Vindolanda

Italian Words / Parole Italiane

We have just started our journey in learning Italian. This week we are practising buongiorno, which means good morning.  And, the famous Italian phrase ciao which means both hi and bye! Please comment below if you know any other Italian words and would like to share your learning. Buona fortuna! (good luck!) Signore Hayes