Science is awesome: Durham University Science Fair

  Today, the children had an absolutely fantastic time of fun and learning at Durham University. We took part in a Science Fair led by current trainee teachers. There were well over 20 tables each with a different scientific experiment to take part in from making alien gloop to building catapults. The children were also… More Science is awesome: Durham University Science Fair

Under arrest: Year 5

In Literacy, Year 5 are currently learning how to write a crime story that includes a flashback. To help improve our creativity two members of the local police force stopped by to show us their uniform and their patrol car. After sounding off the sirens, we were allowed to try on the uniform and sit… More Under arrest: Year 5

Skiing Day 3

We have absolutely loved our last day on the slopes today. The children have made good progress as they have ventured further and further up the nursery slope. There are videos of everyone on Twitter (@mrmarchayes) and hopefully they should have all copied over. Please let us know if anyone has been missed and we… More Skiing Day 3

Skiing Day 2

We’ve had a superb first day on the slopes and have been blessed with good conditions. It has been really cold but blue skies and no wind, and all of the children have been well insulated with their many layers. Good news for tomorrow as the forecast is sunny skies all day. All children have… More Skiing Day 2

Skiing Day 1

We have had a very long and exciting day, which children are describing as “the best day EVER!”. Children were wonderfully behaved throughout the journey and took good responsibility for themselves and each other. There was huge excitement and wonder when traveling through the beautiful Cairngorms National Park, with many children wishing to alight the… More Skiing Day 1


On Christmas eve my family when to put randea food out for the randeas,then we go put jarmas on andgo to bed. The next morning it was Christmas I had a sleap in. Lilly woke me up and I sead why did you do that. She sead it is Christmas. She is crazy about Christmas.… More Christmas

The simpsons story

  It all be gone  sometime ago when Marge was all alone with her mum, dad and her 2 sisters. One day she went out when she was on her way home she  met a handsome man with brown hair. This man name was Homer.Marge asked homer to go on a date with her Homer… More The simpsons story

The Haka

In P.E this week, Year 5 learnt and performed the traditional Maori war cry from New Zealand known as the Haka. Ever since Mr Hayes went on his learning journey to Stonefields school in Auckland, Year 5 have been fascinated by Maori culture and, in particular, the Haka. Enjoy Year 5’s performance and leave a… More The Haka